The Must Haves – Wedding Day Packing List

Have you ever been on vacation and forgot to pack deodorant and socks? How could you forget! Believe it or not, this happens often on wedding day. You forget something so simple.

We are in the midst of wedding season. You have spent months finding the cutest things to have displayed at your ceremony and reception. You want to ensure your memorable items make it to the right place, just like you saw it on Pinterest.

Stay organized with a wedding day packing list. Make sure you don’t miss a step by hiring a wedding planner. Share the list in a live google doc and we’ll make sure that every detail is on the list. We even think of those details that you never did!

Your packing list should include items that you need to have a planner setup for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception.

Here are some items to include in your packing list:


Include all the items you’re providing along with the quantity. Make sure to specify where you want the items to be displayed. Your wedding planner can make suggestions on where to set up items; we have lots of experience with crowd flow. The more details you can provided in your packing list, the better! We are here to help.

We ask all our brides to highlight all the items they want us to repack at the end of the reception. Don’t ask you family to do that! They’re on the dancefloor having fun. Don’t be that bride! That way we can help pack these items up 30 minutes prior to the reception end time. We can put the items in your hotel room or  give to a designated point of contact; whatever you agree on. Feel assured that your items will be placed in a safe location.


Don’t reinvent the wheel! Contact us today. We can help you with your custom packing list and execute a successful wedding…just like you’ve always dreamed of!

Wedding Planner vs. Venue Coordinator


You are about to spend thousands on all these beautiful flowers, your dress, a venue, the food, etc. Want to ensure that everything comes together like you’ve planned in your head since you were young? Then hiring a wedding planner is the surest way to get you plans done on wedding day, not a venue coordinator. There’s a big difference!

I can’t tell you how many times I hear couples say that they have a venue coordinator that will take care of all the details. In short – a venue coordinator is exactly what their title describes. The venue coordinator is loyal to the venue and the venue’s contract.  A wedding planner on the other hand, is there for you, every step of the way. I plan and carry out all the details like make sure your wedding favors get set up in the exact place or putting your grandfather’s picture on an easel. I am there guiding you through the, sometimes challenging, journey of wedding planning.

Let’s take some steps back, before we move forward. Believe it or not, before I become a wedding planner, I spend several years in the hospitality industry selling event space and catering for corporate groups and social events for hotels and private sectors. Most of my experience came from planning board meetings, large conferences, and training programs where there were lots of detail questions to ask and logistics to plan. I love weddings, so why not bring my past experiences into the wedding planning world?

Having been a sales and venue coordinator, I can tell you that hiring a wedding planner is worth the value. Here is just some of what I do as a planner:








But, you may be wondering about the tasks of a venue coordinator…As a past venue coordinator, my job was to make sure that all venue details were delivered and executed on day of, that’s it! That included AV setup, room layout, and to make sure our in house caterer had each menu prepared and timed as planned. All other coordination such as designing a detailed timeline, managing the master seating charts, etc was outside of the scope of my job as a venue coordinator.

I was usually onsite once vendors started unloading. It was my client’s responsibility to make sure all other event details were coordinated and executed. It’s your wedding day, you don’t want to deal with that!

What was one of my biggest issues as a venue coordinator? Vendors would unload, setup or drop off items, and something was missing or never setup per client’s request. I was limited because we only had the client’s contract with the venue, the services that we would provide to them, and their vendor point of contact. We did not have access to or know the full details of vendors’ contracts. We have no idea what you and your vendors agreed to.

As a wedding planner, I know what venues and vendors need from our clients to successfully communicate logistics and final planning. Once we start working with our couple to help design a timeline, we send out a draft version to our vendors to make sure that our timeline has a good flow to cover their services. We find it very important that we work together with your vendors. We want to to give your photographer ample time to capture details shots, group family photos, and all the reception events. Catering is crucial to any reception, we make sure we to communicate and review load in times, room layout, your finalized menu, any special meals, VIP tables, timing of the toast and much more.

We’ve received so many compliments from venues, caterers, and DJ’s on how detailed and informative our timelines are.

Long story, short – a wedding planner is your best bet. You’re already spending big bucks to have a beautiful wedding…I am here to guide your through this journey and ensure that all your details are taken care of. I look forward to working with you!

Want to know more? Contact me and let’s get started planning your worry-free wedding!