Julie & Sarom Leang

My fiancé and I got engaged on Christmas Day of 2017. Around April of 2018, my fiancé decided that she wanted to have our wedding on our anniversary date that year – November 11. I felt the decision was a bit rush with only 7 months to plan and coordinate a wedding. Doubting that anything would materialized, I allowed my fiancé to humor her own idea of planning and coordinating a wedding. Four months into the planning, I realized that this wedding was going to happen and IMMEDIATELY encouraged her to consider acquiring a month-of wedding coordinator. It took a while for my fiancé to realize that she could not be the bride and the person to execute her vision on her wedding day – it is not possible. My sister who was also planning a wedding (2019) had mentioned to me that she had acquired a month-of wedding coordinator and was very pleased with her decision. I had asked my sister for more information which brought us to Passionate Wedding Planning Services. My fiancé chatted with Diana over a phone call and was immediately impressed by the preliminary help and advice provided during her consultation. My fiancé was so set on acquiring a month-of coordinator from Passionate Wedding Planning Services that we adjusted our wedding budget to accommodate having Diana as our month-of wedding coordinator. With four months to go until our wedding date, I could immediately sense a huge amount of weight taken off my fiancé’s shoulders. My fiancé and Diana had several email exchanges and phone conversations during the month leading up to the wedding. Details of vendors contracts, payments, wedding day timeline were meticulously combed over and refined. We had a preliminary finalized timeline a week prior to our wedding date. This PDF document covered every possible detail you could imagine relating to the wedding day. The timeline was shared with all our vendors to ensure that my fiancé’s vision for our wedding day was executed. Our wedding day was wonderful. Our photographer knew when and where to be to for photos. Diana coordinated transportation from our hotel to our photo session and to the venue. Throughout the day, I would question myself – how in the world would we have been able to pull this off without a wedding coordinator! Our wedding day was amazing. Our guest had a blast. We were even able to enjoy the food and music we selected all thanks to Diana. I would highly encourage anyone considering a month-of wedding coordinator to get one without hesitation. And from my experience, I highly recommend Passionate Wedding Planning Services. Thank you Diana and her assistant Christin for making our wedding day memorable, enjoyable and stress-free.

Top of the Town Arlington, VA

Tereza & Ivan Cardenas

“Words can not express how much we LOVED working with Passionate Weddings. Diana and her team are AMAZING! Diana helped us plan our entire destination beach wedding and reception in under 3 months. When we thought it was impossible, she made it possible. She captured our entire vision while keeping us calm and organized from the very beginning. Our wedding day was very relaxed and perfectly coordinated. We are truly and forever grateful for all of Diana’s guidance, trust, and expertise in making our wedding planning process a wonderful experience.”

Virginia Beach, VA

Justyna & Adam Bolter

“Christin and Diana were terrific to work with! I hired them for “month of” wedding preparation, but our conversations started well in advance of the last month, mostly because I didn’t want to leave any of the details to be finalized until the last month! I was pretty organized and kept detailed notes and contact information for my vendors, and also drafted a thorough timeline for the whole wedding weekend. But, most critical of all, Christin and Diana did an absolutely amazing job executing my timeline and all of my preparation and hard work! I felt like they were asking all of the right questions at the right time and taking care of details that I had forgotten about or just didn’t have the time to take care of; either way, they were making my wedding SO MUCH BETTER. Christin put in 15 hours of work on my wedding day (10am-1am) and her assistant put in 12 hours (1pm-1am) – it’s a long day! They were one of the only companies that could accommodate those long hours without charging exceptionally high rates. Given all the work, and the long hours on the day of the wedding, their price was more than fair, and their work was terrific. I wholeheartedly recommend them!”

Falls Church, VA

Mother of the Groom

“Diana did a wonderful job planning my Son’s wedding. She worked closely with my daughter in law for over a year to make sure the day was perfect and exactly what she wanted. Diana paid attention to every detail to make sure the wedding was organized and beautiful. On the wedding day, she took care of all of the logistics so we could all enjoy ourselves and not have to worry about anything except celebrating and having a good time. The wedding would not have been the same without Diana and we are so grateful for everything she did to make the day perfect!”

Sterling, Virginia

Kaitlin & Victor Souza

“Diana and Minh are a great team! Diana worked closely with me for a year and a half to make our day perfect. She made planning easy, fun, and kept me so organized. She reviewed contracts with me, helped me select vendors, scheduled meetings at the venue, made a day of timeline, kept all vendors updated, reminded me of payments due, organized all RSVPs, kept our wedding party organized, and handeled so many logistics on the day of. Because of Passionate Weddings, I was able to relax on my big day and enjoy every second. I didn’t have to worry about anything and was able to have a stress-free wedding day since Passionate Weddings handled set up, clean up, and keeping everyone on schedule. Diana is incredibly kind, helpful, organized, generous, and friendly. She is amazing at what she does and her services are truly pricelss. I am so glad that Passionate Weddings played such a big role in our wedding. I would highly recommend Passionate Weddings. Our day would not have been as perfect as it was without Diana and her team. We are so grateful and happy with our choice!”

The Woodlands at Algonkian Park

Aisha and Frank Major

“I’ve worked with several planners and Diana is the best by by far. My husband and I worked with her to plan a two day event and she carried us all the way through. I will be using Diana for all my events in the future. There’s nobody better!”

2941 Restaurant & Patowmack Farms Restaurant

K. Hua

“When searching for a wedding planner, we prioritized finding someone who had experience in planning multicultural weddings. Not only that, we were looking for a planner we could rely on to do the groundwork in DC since we were planning long-distance from New York. Upon our first meeting with Diana, we were thoroughly impressed by her knowledge of Brazilian and Chinese wedding traditions. She really listened to our vision and was able to help us find vendors who matched our specific needs/budgets. She was extremely helpful in finding decorations, even offering personal items like her own family’s vases. Throughout the process, Diana was entirely supportive and understanding and maintained complete professionalism, always making sure all fees and services were clear and agreed upon. It was a sincere pleasure working with her and we highly recommend her to be your wedding planner!”

Washington, D.C.

Lindsay & Seth Goldin

“Diana worked with us during the month leading up to our wedding. I interviewed countless wedding planners, and Diana made it easy to decide to work with her. I could tell by our phone conversation that she was confident, smart, professional, and would get the job done right. My intuition was correct. From the start, Diana made herself available even before our month-of contract started if I had questions about vendors or needed advice. She sent us several forms to get started on, such as a packing list, so we had plenty of time to work on everything. She was so organized and I knew she would have everything covered. A month out, Diana came on board full force. She immediately set up a meeting with us, set up the walk-through with our vendors at the venue, sent us a few more forms (like a template for doing the table seating), and made herself very available by email and phone whenever we had questions. Her 10-page timeline of our entire wedding day included everything, color coded, from vendor setup, to transportation for each person in our wedding party and where they needed to be and when, and so much more. She finalized the details with all the vendors, took care of setting up our personal items, and made sure the day went as planned. Just like any wedding, our day had some hiccups. Diana rolled up her sleeves and we never even knew about these hiccups as they were happening. For example, our venue had a very short setup time, and Diana was with all the vendors doing whatever she could do help everyone set up on time. And when the band disappeared (yes, they disappeared!), she actually went to the neighboring restaurants to track them down! Last but not least, Diana brings two associates with her. There’s just no way for one person to take care of everything, so this was critical. I had one associate with me all day to hold my purse, provide water, etc. Look no further than Passionate Weddings. It’s the obvious choice!!”

Torpedo Factory Art Center: Alexandria, VA

SSG S.Martinez

“The staff at Passionate Weddings worked tirelessly to create an amazing experience for us. They went above and beyond to make sure our special moment was flawless! Every detail was just perfect from start to finish. Diana Ram and her staff definitely honor Passionate Wedding’s name. They truly love what they do. Diana’s personality and energy is invigorating and contagious. Their response time was always prompt on phone calls and electronic mail. They recommended reputable and extremely professional vendors, photographers, decor and catering services. Diana made an amazing job at keeping us up to date with detailed budget, RSVP tracking and timeline of events. She made sure to send us a recap of our meetings. She also made sure to point any details and concerns we might have missed. Her experience, professionalism, energy and devotion shows in every phone call, every meeting as well as on event day. I will definitely recommend Passionate Weddings to friends, family and business partners. I will also contract them for future events. Passionate Weddings definitely excelled at taking our vision and making it a reality. They surpassed our expectations. Their staff made sure that my wife and I had a peace of mind during the process as well as on our big day”.

2941 Restaurant: Falls Church, VA

Katie & Dan Lamothe

“I didn’t think a planner was in my budget, but 2-3 months out from the wedding date, I realized I needed help! The emails were coming at a faster pace, I was having trouble keeping track of payment due dates, and I realized I still needed to figure out all the logistics like day-of timeline! Luckily, I was referred to Diana of Passionate Weddings. She was eager to help, offered guidance but did not at all try to “push” her vision or ideas, was really just a right-hand woman to help in all ways. She worked within the budget I had to provide month of coordination. Trust me, it is worth it. I had unexpected things happen – like my florist breaking her leg and being unable to do my wedding – and that is where having Diana is priceless. She recommended other vendors, made connections, and kept me CALM. The real help is the week and day of. The week of, I must have emailed her after 2 a.m. at least five times. She was always responsive and helpful. And the day of — WOW. People will tell you there are a lot of moving parts to a wedding, but I truly didn’t realize it until I was in it. Hair, makeup, vendors, set up, people being late. I was able to hand over all the thinking and work to Diana and ENJOY the day. I could focus on what was important – marrying my husband! I highly recommend Diana. She is organized and efficient, but has a calming presence that will be so important the day of. I am so happy and thankful she was a part of my wedding. HIGHLY recommend.”


National Museum of the Marine Corps: Quantico, VA